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The 2016 UTNY Convention and Competition will be held in April.  Dates will come soon.

The 2016 Presidents Challenge is any coyote mount - lifesize or gamehead.  


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Congratulations to Don Miller. 
His Turtle won the Breakthrough Award
for Best in Show at the 2015 UTNY
Convention and Competition

  The 2015 United Taxidermist of New York
Convention & Competition was held from
April 9th to April 12th, 2015.  The show was held
at our new location at the Holiday Inn in Auburn, NY.  
See the "2015 Competition" page for more details!

The following pages include information about our
organization and the winners of our 2015 event. 
Scroll down on each page to see all of the information!

If you want to look at our upcoming UTNY Post-Show Newsletter, watch for the link here. 
It is currently being created.

The United Taxidermists of New York are proud to cooperate with Taxidermy.net. 
Click on the link below to vist their website.

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