United Taxidermists of New York

Competition Categories

A mount can only be entered in one division in the competition (i.e., you cannot enter the same mount in the master and commercial division at the same time).

Open categories are open to competitors in any division. Open categories include, but are not limited to: collective artist, novelty, habitat, wildlife art, freeze dry, and commercial.

Entries in open categories are not eligible for distinguished taxidermist or any special awards unless specifically listed.

Division Categories are:  Youth, Amateur, Professional, and Masters

Competition Categories:

Whitetail deer heads (open or closed mouth categories).

Gameheads (open or closed mouth categories, all other animals including ½ life size).

Large life size mammals (larger than a coyote).

Small life size mammals (coyote and smaller; juvenile large mammals, fawns, cubs, etc. will be included as small mammals determined by body mass as to coyote size).

Upland birds, waterfowl, turkeys (allow freeze dry heads).

Reptiles (skin mounts).

 Reproductions (fish, reptiles, amphibians, replica antlers, etc.)

Fish: All fish are judged as a two-sided mount. The only one-sided fish is in the commercial, youth and amateur divisions.

                The judge will need to see two eyes and the finished area to blend the seam, in order to score the fish.

     Please specify the category on entry sheet.

The competition committee will classify anything questionable into the commercial division.

Wildlife Art
Wildlife art will be any open division, to include, but not exclusive of sculpture, painting, photography, carving, casting or flat art. (the judges will choose the winner.)

      Nothing will be allowed that is lewd or offensive to the public (i.e., traps, blood, arrows and NO LIVE AMMO).

Commercial Division
Whitetail deer, gameheads, birds, mammals and fish are the only categories in this division. Only first, second and third places are awarded.
Judging will be done without the use of a flashlight or physical touch. Commercial pieces will be eligible for taxidermist’s choice.

Freeze Dry Taxidermy
This will be an open division. Entries must be designated for this category. No other freeze dry will be in the general competition other than turkey head.

Presidents Challenge
The winner is chosen by the President.  The 2019 species is a skin mount trout.

Best of Category
These ribbons will be awarded in each division for the categories listed above in the Divisions listed in #1. The Best of Category ribbon will go to the highest blue ribbon entry.

      If a division has no blue ribbon, it will not receive a Best of Category ribbon.

Collective Artist Category
Open to all competitors. Everyone who works on an entry must be a paid member (no shop entries). Only one ribbon awarded per entry.



Some thoughts when choosing a division……

•Ask many who have been competing for awhile. They will tell you the best benefit to competing is the knowledge you will gain through the critiques of your piece.

                      Your work will very likely improve faster than it ever would have on your own.

• The higher the division, the higher the scrutiny the judge will use . The ribbons may come harder but the input from the judge will be more in-depth.

•First timers often think they should start in the Amateur Division. You might consider entering the Professional division.

  The judging is to a higher standard and the critique will be much more detailed...  you will learn more faster!

•The Commercial Division is basically judged from several feet away, i.e. from a customer’s viewpoint.

   Pieces are not scored on a point system and there is no detailed score sheet.   Ribbons can come easier but you won’t get the benefit of the score sheet and critique.

                   If you are hungry for knowledge, you might be better served in any of the other divisions.


Divisions of Competition

AMATEUR: Anyone new to taxidermy competition. Any amateur who has won two 1st place ribbons in a given category, must move up in that category only.

PROFESSIONAL: Any competitor who has won two lst place amateur ribbons in that category, or a best of category.

      Any professional who has won three lst place ribbons in a given category, must move up in that category only.

MASTER: Any competitor who has won three lst place professional ribbons in that category.

           The UTNY Board voted to eliminate the Division of Excellence.

 Any person who has entered in the Division of Excellence previously, at our event, may now enter as a Master!

YOUTH: Any competitor 16 years and younger can compete under family membership, but must pay entry the fee(s).

COMMERCIAL: Any average customer piece, open to all competitors. The reason for having a commercial division is to have an average customer piece critiqued.

Judging is done without a flashlight or physical touch.

       Entries are eligible for Taxidermist’s Choice, Presidents Trophy and WASCO awards. There is no Best of Category awards in this division.

** Note:  Any competitor may move up to a higher division at anytime, but cannot drop back.**