Competition Rules

United Taxidermists of New York

                                                                                                                       UNITED TAXIDERMISTS OF NEW YORK

Rules of Competition
1) All attending must be dues paying members of UTNY and must be registered at this convention. Registration badge must be worn at all times.

2) All competition pieces need to be registered for the competition and pay the appropriate fee(s).

3) Pick up your packet before entering competition pieces. All competition pieces must be delivered to check-in area by 4:30pm on Friday, April 5th, 2019.

Any final grooming is to be done only in the check-in area prior to the official judging session.

Pieces may not be removed until the end of the board meeting on Sunday. NO EXCEPTIONS! Anyone wanting someone else to transport                                                                                their competition pieces on Sunday will need to supply a written document to the competition committee with both signatures for release.

4) No one is to be allowed in the competition area prior to, or during, judging other than authorized competition committee personnel.

5) Pieces may be used to compete only one time in a UTNY competition.

6) HANGERS: Please place all hangers so that they extend above the panel on backer.

If two hangers are required, space on full inches apart for pegboard display. (You can move them back down after the show.)

7) A competition piece can be rejected from competition if members of the committee judge it to be lewd or offensive to the general public

                         (i.e. blood, trap, arrow, and also No Live Ammo allowed).

8) Any plaques or signs identifying the taxidermist or customer must be removed or obscured before judging.

          All glass cases must be removed by the competitor only, before judging. This will be done in the grooming area.

9) Multiple ribbons will be awarded in most categories, according to quality of work. In the event of a tie, duplicate ribbons will be given.

10) Score sheets will be given to competitor. It will be the competitor’s responsibility to keep. UTNY will only hold the scores of each competitor.

            Raw score will be used for the ribbon placement in all the classes.  Judges will be notified of the class.

11) Any unsportsmanlike behavior will result in the loss of ribbon.

12) Animals hunted legally in the world are allowed with proper permit, including transport permits. Hawks, owls, songbirds, or eagles will be allowed

                              with proper state and federal paperwork.  The competitor is responsible for knowing and following all such laws pertaining to species

                                   on federal or NYS protected or threatened lists.


14) All competition pieces will be entered at the competitor’s own risk. UTNY is not responsible for any liability due to damage, theft, fire, or natural causes.

15) Any competitor 16 years old or under, will receive a ribbon and may register under family membership, but must still pay the entry fee.

16) If you bring any animal that does not conform to any category, you must submit photos and reference pictures for the judge to determine

                       if it was correctly interpreted in the mount.  There will be no best of category ribbon.